Get Your FREE Copy of Unhindered by John Walker & Charity Byers

Who and what is shaping your heart? I’m a raving fan of my friends, Dr. John Walker and Dr. Charity Byers with Blessing Ranch Ministry. They are offering their new book Unhindered to my pastor buddies free of charge! When I talked with them in-depth the other day they gave me permission to share this link with you. If you know what’s good for you you’ll take advantage of it! I hope you’ll check out the link pronto. This I know, your life is no richer than your relationships and your heart is no healthier than those who shape it! You can also […]

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Enjoy the Journey with Arron Chambers #30

Face It!

I hate face masks! But yes, like you, as a matter of courtesy, kindness and respect, I usually wear them as advised. However, unlike a few other folks I’ve seen around town, I don’t wear a mask when I’m driving my car, walking our dog or kayaking in the middle of a lake. True confession, I’ve even shared several meals and conversations with family and friends, mostly on our deck, and once again I was mask-less. I have no doubt that in some settings masks are essential and possibly life saving. One of those places may be when our church soon re-gathers. […]

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