Clark Tanner

Why did I wait so long! Over my years of ministry I heard about the camaraderie of being part of a Covenant Group but I had never experienced it until three years ago. Actually, I was a little envious of others that had the deep ministry colleague relationships I had never encountered. Frankly, I was pretty much a lone ranger in ministry. I’m thankful to Alan Ahlgrim for the prodding and encouragement to participate in a group. This connection of five men literally became a group that shared, discussed and received counsel on any subject. No topic was untouchable! I can’t believe it’s taken me until this season of ministry to finally experience the deep relationships I needed all along. If you haven’t been part of a Covenant Group, I would encourage you to join one. Today, I’m a better Jesus follower, husband, family man, pastor, ministry coach and friend as a result of my Covenant Group!